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2 Mile
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2 Mile Reef is approximately 2km in length and 1km in width and is the most often dived reef section with approximately 30 different dive spots. Depths vary from about 13-32m with a great variety of scenic reef structures, Coral types, Fish species, Nudibranchs, Turtles and other animals.

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5 Mile Reef hosts amazing dive spots such as "Lettuce" that boasts a large expanse of Elephant Skin Corals, "Pothole"  - a large pothole formation, "Teddy Bears" abounding with huge Plate Corals and "Ribbon" that is home to the stunning Ribbon Eel. Depths range from 18-30m.

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6 Mile Reef (23-25m) also known as Snapper College is a smaller section of reef that is home to big schools of numerous species of colorful Snappers. Other schooling fish that abound here include Fusiliers and Slingers. Scorpionfish, Crocodile Fish, Paperfish and Gamefish are also often seen here.

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