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Xplore Reef

Xplore Reef,a new section of reef discovered by SeaXplore, promises a novel dive experience.  Sightings include the beautiful Crown of Thorn, large areas covered in anemones inhabited by the charismatic Two Bar Anemone Fish, and large schools of various fish species. Depth: 18-22m.

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Gordon's Drop

Gordon's Drop, another reef section discovered by SeaXplore, is a flat reef characterized by rocky outcrops interlaced with sandy areas and offers the exciting prospect of sighting rare Nudibranchs, Lobster, Octopus and much more. Depths range from approximately 24-26m.

Gasflame nudi.jpg
Garden of Eden

Garden of Eden offers a breathtaking visual spectacle to those able to dive within the depth range 24-27m. A beautiful array of Soft Coral, Red and Green Algae and Anemones are reminiscent of a summer garden.  This spot abounds with rare Nudibranchs and a variety of juvenile fish.

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