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Dive Master

SSI DM courses enables the candidate to conduct dive briefings and guide certified divers above and below water. A dive master also performs the duties of a certified assistant. Prerequisites: min. age 18,  min. 60 logged dives, Dive Guide and Science of Diving. 

Assistant Instructor

SSI Assistant Instructor courses enable candi-dates to conduct entry

-level scuba training under supervision and Scuba Skills Updates and Try Scuba programs independently.

Prerequisites: min.  age 18, min. 60 logged dives, DM qualification.

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SSI Instructor courses enable candidates  to conduct entry-level scuba training courses. It is also intended to prepare candidates to successfully complete an Instructor Evaluation (IE). Prerequisites:  min. age 18, min. 75 logged dives, EAN 40, Assistant Instructor.

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Instructor Trainer

SSI Instructor Trainer courses (ITCs) enable candidates to conduct ITCs and prepare future Instructors for IE. 

Prerequisites:  min. age 21, Master Instructor, assisted with 1 ITC, 1 Instructor Crossover,  issued 20 recreational and 5 professional scuba certifications. IT seminar

provided by SSI. 

Instructor Cross-over

SSI Instructor Cross-over

provides an orientation to SSI philosophies and procedures to dive professionals from other scuba training agencies.
It enables candidates to conduct SSI programs equivalent to their existing qualifications. Prerequisites: min. age 18, equivalent rating from another agency within past 2 yrs.

For more information or course prices for any of the Leadership Training Programs please feel free to contact us.

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