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Quarter Mile

Quarter Mile Reef is very shallow (9m-14m) characterized by large rocky boulders interspersed with sand patches and is an extension of Jesser point.  

Quarter Mile Reef is famous for the annual congregation of the female Ragged Tooth Sharks (Raggies) that are in an advanced stage of pregnancy or gestation, this reef is most often dived from November to March when the female sharks are on the reef. 


Ragged Tooth Sharks breed on the South Coast and come to Sodwana Bay with its warmer waters to rest while the pups develop inter-uterine. 

Diving on Quarter Mile Reef is regulated by the Oceanic Research Institution (ORI) and Isimangaliso. The reef is “opened” for diving when conditions are favorable.

Out of Raggie season, Quarter Mile Reef offers stunning diving as it is well-known for schools of Kingfish and Rubberlips, as well as Ribbontail Rays, Guitar Sharks, Turtles, Whaleshark and Manta Rays. Other sightings include large Potato Bass, Honey Comb Moray Eels, Scorpion Fish, and of course regular reef fish.

Honeycomb Moray Eel
Green Turtle
Sharpnose Sting Ray
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