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CCR Xtended Range

CCR Extended Range program enables divers to do decompression dives on air to max 40m, or trimix (min 20% O2) to max 45m (max deco = 25min).  Prerequisites:

Extended Range Nitrox Diving , min. 50 Extended Range dives, CCR Diver with min 30h on unit. 

CCR Technical XR

CCR Technical Extended Range enables divers to conduct multiple-stop decompression dives to max 60m using trimix. Prerequisites:  Science of Diving, Diver Stress and Rescue, CCR Extended Range, minimum 50 CCR dives incl 20 dives deeper than 30m and 10 dives with staged deco. 

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Xtended Range

Extended Range enables divers to conduct limited decompression dives  to max 45m (deco mixes of up to max 100% O2, max deco = 25 min). 

Prerequisites: Deep Diving, Enriched Air Nitrox 40, minimum 50 dives.  OR Extended Range Nitrox. Duration: 18h.

Technical XR

Technical Extended Range program enables divers to conduct two-gas switch, multiple-stop deco dives to max 50m (60m on trimix). Prerequisites:  Science of Diving, Diver Stress and Rescue, Extended Range, min. 70 dives (20  deeper than 30m and 10 staged deco-dives with 1 switch).

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Hypoxic Trimix

Hypoxic Trimix program enables divers to conduct decompression dives to 100m+ on trimix. Prerequisites: Science of Diving,  Diver Stress and Rescue, Technical Exten-ded Range, 100 dives (min. 30 dives deeper than 30m, 10 dives  deeper than 50m, and 20 staged deco-dives with 2 gas switches).

For more information on equipment requirements and/or course prices for any of the XR Training Programs please feel free to contact us.

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