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2 Mile
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7 Mile Reef is known for its breathtaking scenery with large overhangs, sheer walls, caves and mushroom shaped pinnacles.  Sightings of Round Ribbon Tail Rays, Potato Bass and Honeycomb Moray Eels, Trumpet fish and Glow fish are common . Depths range from approximately 14-24m.

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8 Mile Reef also known as Ramsey's is a lesser dived, highly pristine reef. Due to a stunning mix of pinnacles, swim-throughs, caves and ledges the depth varies from about 12m to a maximum of 18m.  Fish diversity here is high and Devil Firefish, Octopus, and Turtles are often sighted.

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9 Mile Reef offers dramatic scenery including drop-offs, pinnacles, overhangs and swim-troughs and hosts the famous Coral Tree which is home to numerous species of fish. Black Coral commonly occurs here often inhabited by Long-nose Hawkfish. Depths range from 12-22m.

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