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Seamore Ledge

Seamore Ledge offers spectacular diving for the deep diver and comprises a large flat section of reef starting at approximately 30 meters and dropping off along an L-shaped ledge that ranges from 32m-47m. Notable sightings include the Indian Butterfly Fish, Basket Star, Sea Apple, Decorated Dartfish.

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Grant's Beach

Grant's Beach is a flat section of reef largely covered in sand starting from 48m and gently sloping down to 57m. Numerous brightly colored sponges covered in feather starts dot the area.  Sightings include Tiger Anemone, Indian Ocean Walkman, Jaw Fish, Emperor Snapper and Blood Snapper. 


Roonies is a small section of reef  with deep overhangs and gullies surrounded by sand, with depths ranging from 30m - 34m.  Roonies is a truly remarkable deep diving spot with regular sightings of Seahorses, Banded Pipefish, Paperfish, Potato Bass and a plethora of Nudibranch species.

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