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40-50m Air Dives

Max 50m air decompression dives, using technical kit configurations whether single cylinders with stages, twin sets, rebreather or side-mount. Xperience the exhilaration of extending your range (not qualified yet, let us get you trained up!). Many of the most stunning dive spots in Sodwana lie within the 40-50m depth range.  

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50-60m Normoxic Trimix Dives

Max 60m normoxic trimix decompression dives, using technical kit configurations. Take your first step into the next level of diving (not qualified yet, let us get you trained up!). Sodwana offers breathtaking deep diving at numerous locations. Join us in discovering something new on every dive...

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60-100m+ Hypoxic Trimix Dives

Hypoxic trimix dives to 150m+ (OC or CCR). Want to push your dive Xperience to the ultimate level? We can take you there!!! Discover our amazing array of extreme depth dive spots abounding with unexpected life including the prehistoric Coelacanth. These unique environments with their seldom seen inhabitants offer an unforgettable dive experience.

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