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PREREQUISITES: Minimum age: 10.

DURATION: Program duration may vary, depending on the chosen specialty.   

REQUIREMENTS FOR COMPLETION: Complete any academic sessions and assessments as per chosen Specialty. Complete the applicable final exam (if required) with a passing score of 80%. Complete any pool/confined water sessions (if required) as outlined per chosen Specialty. Complete the minimum number of open water training dives, if required.

NUMBER OF DIVES: Specialty programs have a minimum of two (2) dives when in-water training dives are required.

COURSE PRICE: Course prices vary depending on the chosen SSI Specialty Program.

NOTE:  Choose any four (4) SSI Marine Specialty Programs towards your Advanced Open Water Diver or Master Diver certification.
CONTACT US: For more information on any of the SSI Marine Specialty Programs.
SeaXplore specializes in Marine Ecology and Taxonomy and provide additional training beyond the standards required by these programs for those interested in becoming even more proficient in understanding the Marine Environment and identifying it's inhabitants.
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