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SSI Master Diver certification entails the completion of Diver Stress & Rescue plus four additional SSI Specialty programs which may be conducted separately.  As soon as these five (5) Specialties have been registered on the SSI system the Master Diver qualification is issued. 


Student must hold an Open Water Diver or Junior Open Water Diver certification, or an equivalent certification from another recognized  agency. Complete all applicable online theory via the SSI App as well as the required OW training dives. Complete final exams (minimum 80%).


Academic sections must be completed prior to arrival via online SSI App

Specialties that include in-water training, include a minimum of two dives, except for Deep Diving and Stress & Rescue which includes three (3). Course duration may vary depending on the Specialties selected.

Upon completion of all academic and in-water requirements for Diver Stress & Rescue plus each of the four (4) selected SSI Specialty Programs (including a total of 50 logged dives), the SSI Master Diver digital certification card is issued. 


Course price will vary depending on Specialties selected. Course price includes registration fees, required dives, instructor fees and air fills. Course price does not  include travel, gear rental, special gasses, accommodation and/or catering. For information on pricing contact us.

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